Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My personal experience The Fly

The Fly
We were sitting outside our front porch at dawn talking happily and all was quiet when…………a fly flew into my mouth!!! it felt tingly, my brain froze at the thought.’ I have a fly in my mouth’ I think to myself.
Finally when i came to, I screamed “Eww I have a fly in my mouth!!!”As I dashed to the bathroom. While I was screaming I spat it out, the fly was buzzing around everywhere and that made it even grosser and harder to spit out.

When I got to the bathroom I started to calm down . I washed my mouth it didn't take too long. Then I came back to our veranda.
There was a few seconds silence then all of a sudden we randomly all just started laughing/cracking up because it so funny HAHA! “I nearly swallowed a fly” “i’m an old lady who nearly swallowed a fly!”. I said.

Even though it was yuck that I nearly swallowed a fly, because flies are disgusting, you have to admit it was very funny!

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