Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Foul Shot

In writing we were focusing on a poem called foul shot by Edwin A. Hoey. We had to focus on using strong verbs, only necessary words, capitals each verb on a new line and other skills. The sport/ action we wrote about had to be 10 seconds long and we had to work on having intensity in it. This is the poem I wrote about scoring a soccer goal.

My Foul ShotWith 2 all on the scoreboard and 10 seconds left on the clockThe solemn girl in the centre of eyes Squeezed by silenceI shout for the ballIt’s about 2 metres awaySliding on the slippery grassIt rushes towards meI peer behind me to make sure nobody's comingIts clear,‘Focus’‘Breath’‘Stomp’ The balls under my footLining up with the goal Wipe my sweaty hands on my shirtSwing my foot backBoots

The ballSpinning through the airSlightly skidding on the groundTwirlsSpinsDashesReachesEverybody’s silent WaitingThe goalie dives for the ballAnd then And thenAnd thenWith a Frightening  flick on the goalie's foot,It’s In.

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