Friday, 23 May 2014

For and Against Zoos

For Zoos
Against Zoos
You can see animals that you can't see everyday. like tigers, if you saw one in the wild you would run, scream, you would be in great danger!!! In a zoo you actually see them and they won't kill you!
Animals need space and they need to roam like tigers have mile of space in the wild in a zoo they don't
Herbivore animals wouldn't care if they are in a zoo because they don't need to hunt Like a sheep just needs a patch of grass then its happy!
Animal reserves are much better than zoos because they are big and endangered animals can roam and breed also carnivore animals have lots of space.

Carnivore animals need to learn the ways of the wild otherwise they will forget hunting skills and then when their baby’s get released into the wild they won't know how to protect themselves and they will die!”ooh sad”

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