Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Should Rats Be Pets

No because:
  1. they can carry diseases
  2. they are stray
  3. they go in sewers and rubbish bins so they are dirty
  4. need lots of care and hard work
  5. bite and scratch
  6. if you have a cat say bye to rats
  7. people are scared of rats and have phobias of them
  8. they will eat your food and get out of their cages
  9. you can't find them so they will get out and hide
  10. expensive
  11. need to clean it lots to make sure it has no diseases
  12. they are fussy
  13. about the size of guinea pigs
contracted rat bite fever

  1. about the size of guinea pigs
  2. trained rats can get very gentle
  3. cute
  4. if mice are good pets why aren’t some rats?
  5. fun to play with
  6. bond with their owner
  7. bigger than mice so you can see them clearer
  8. amusing to watch (they are silly and funny)
  9. low cost/ not expensive
  10. vets care for rats as well
  11. nocturnall so when child is at school they will sleep

For pet Gambian pouched rats,

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