Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My lollipop packaging

In class we are focusing on a new inquiry called designed to sell. We had to first think of a food product and make sure it met the criteria. like it needs to be kept up to 3 days and we can't work in groups bigger than 2. I chose as my product lollipops because I found it an interesting product and I like them.

For the first week we had to find out an ingredients list we will use, find out the cost of our ingredients, then bring in a few samples for some class members to taste test. We got them to fill out a form and review our product. We made changes if we had to.

For the next two weeks of homework we were focusing on advertising and packaging. We had to focus on creating a logo, brand,company name and package that best suited our product. I trialled a few and decided on a pig mould and making a pig wrapper out of tissue paper. This is the package for my lollipop with the logo on the belly.(My company name is lolly-licious. This is the final copy of what they a will look like!!)It has the ingredients and info on the tag/paper.