Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing To The Unknown Soldier

As part of our ANZAC day inquiry we were asked to write to the Unknown Soldier. We had to use complex sentences, short powerful sentences and paragraphs.
We had to think about what it was like at war and how they felt.

To an unknown soldier that never came back,

As I’m sitting in my classroom safe, warm and happy with my friends, I’m thinking about you and your battle to give us freedom. I’m writing this letter today to share my thoughts with you. I want you to know that your sacrifice and fighting is not been forgotten.

Did you ever want to go to war? Or were you one of the many soldiers that got tricked? We have heard that many of you thought it was a great adventure that you were going on. Was it? You thought maybe it was to France or England or some other nice place. But no. Instead, to a foreign land. Hot, dry, miserable. Unlike you expected. It wasn’t great - it was hell.

I cannot imagine what it would have been like for you seeing your family and friends for the last time. Not knowing what you're in for. All the pain of your wounds and shots. Knowing you were going to die. Having no hope. No faith. All this was because of war. Because others couldn’t be equal and get along.

How were you feeling when you found out what was really happening? When you got your gun and uniform and were told to kill? On the battlefield with all the blood and shooting, your best friends dying before your eyes. Stretcher bearers running in with no protection to go get the wounded. Turks trying to kill you, and all you can do to protect yourself is to kill them.

I want you to know that i’m only 10 years old but you're so important. I've already learnt so much about you. Once again I thank you. Remember you won't be forgotten.
Yours sincerely Eva. B

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