Friday, 23 May 2014

For and Against Zoos

For Zoos
Against Zoos
You can see animals that you can't see everyday. like tigers, if you saw one in the wild you would run, scream, you would be in great danger!!! In a zoo you actually see them and they won't kill you!
Animals need space and they need to roam like tigers have mile of space in the wild in a zoo they don't
Herbivore animals wouldn't care if they are in a zoo because they don't need to hunt Like a sheep just needs a patch of grass then its happy!
Animal reserves are much better than zoos because they are big and endangered animals can roam and breed also carnivore animals have lots of space.

Carnivore animals need to learn the ways of the wild otherwise they will forget hunting skills and then when their baby’s get released into the wild they won't know how to protect themselves and they will die!”ooh sad”

How Do You Make A Flat Map If The World Is Round? Homework

Maps, How do you make flat maps if the world is


Mercator made the map. The way he made it was

called the Mercator projection. The way he made it

was he started at England nought degrees(0) and then

he drew lots of lines from the North Pole to the South

Pole called longitude lines. He drew them all the way

round the globe and marked each country with

degrees and he ended the degrees at 180. When he

finished he did lines going the opposite way called

latitude lines. In the middle of the globe going across

like the latitude lines is the equator then he got a big

piece of paper and since he had all the lines drawn

they were like coordinates so he just copied where

everything was on the globe onto the paper using the

lines and since England was at nought degrees (0)

then it was put right at the edge of the left side of the

page and then that’s how it was made. Just like that!!

Argument About Picking Up Dog Poop

Dear Editor,
I think that dog owners SHOULD pick up their dog’s droppings because:
  1. It is very smelly
  2. It attracts lots of flies
  3. It wastes our time cleaning our shoes and feet since it is so disgusting
  4. It is NOT a Great feeling to step on dog poo it will feel all squishy and smelly also “think about it you just stepped in poo out of a dog’s butt, not the best thing to do!!!”
  5. If dog owners pick up their own dog’s droppings our environment will be much cleaner!!!
  6. If you're a tourist finding a pretty place to go/live you don't want to see dog droppings everywhere!

If you want to be a responsible dog owner pick up your dog’s poo or you might step on it later!!!

And finally responsible parents would not allow their children to poo everywhere so why would you let your dog do this?
If you want to be a responsible dog owner pick up your dog’s poo or you might step on it later!!!

That is why I think dog owners should pick up their dog’s droppings. Do you agree?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My personal experience The Fly

The Fly
We were sitting outside our front porch at dawn talking happily and all was quiet when…………a fly flew into my mouth!!! it felt tingly, my brain froze at the thought.’ I have a fly in my mouth’ I think to myself.
Finally when i came to, I screamed “Eww I have a fly in my mouth!!!”As I dashed to the bathroom. While I was screaming I spat it out, the fly was buzzing around everywhere and that made it even grosser and harder to spit out.

When I got to the bathroom I started to calm down . I washed my mouth it didn't take too long. Then I came back to our veranda.
There was a few seconds silence then all of a sudden we randomly all just started laughing/cracking up because it so funny HAHA! “I nearly swallowed a fly” “i’m an old lady who nearly swallowed a fly!”. I said.

Even though it was yuck that I nearly swallowed a fly, because flies are disgusting, you have to admit it was very funny!


Should Rats Be Pets

No because:
  1. they can carry diseases
  2. they are stray
  3. they go in sewers and rubbish bins so they are dirty
  4. need lots of care and hard work
  5. bite and scratch
  6. if you have a cat say bye to rats
  7. people are scared of rats and have phobias of them
  8. they will eat your food and get out of their cages
  9. you can't find them so they will get out and hide
  10. expensive
  11. need to clean it lots to make sure it has no diseases
  12. they are fussy
  13. about the size of guinea pigs
contracted rat bite fever

  1. about the size of guinea pigs
  2. trained rats can get very gentle
  3. cute
  4. if mice are good pets why aren’t some rats?
  5. fun to play with
  6. bond with their owner
  7. bigger than mice so you can see them clearer
  8. amusing to watch (they are silly and funny)
  9. low cost/ not expensive
  10. vets care for rats as well
  11. nocturnall so when child is at school they will sleep

For pet Gambian pouched rats,