Friday, 23 May 2014

How Do You Make A Flat Map If The World Is Round? Homework

Maps, How do you make flat maps if the world is


Mercator made the map. The way he made it was

called the Mercator projection. The way he made it

was he started at England nought degrees(0) and then

he drew lots of lines from the North Pole to the South

Pole called longitude lines. He drew them all the way

round the globe and marked each country with

degrees and he ended the degrees at 180. When he

finished he did lines going the opposite way called

latitude lines. In the middle of the globe going across

like the latitude lines is the equator then he got a big

piece of paper and since he had all the lines drawn

they were like coordinates so he just copied where

everything was on the globe onto the paper using the

lines and since England was at nought degrees (0)

then it was put right at the edge of the left side of the

page and then that’s how it was made. Just like that!!

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